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L.A. protests continue in wake of not guilty verdict in Zimmerman trial

LA Protests 4

For the second consecutive night, the chants of “I am Trayvon” could be heard echoing back and forth between the buildings in south L.A. and downtown Oakland. Trayvon Martin’s passionate supporters took to the streets, literally. Blocking traffic and taking control of popular intersections, proud and angry protestors caused police in both cities to go on tactical alert. Police wore full S.W.A.T. team gear as some protestors hurled not only obscenities but also batteries and rocks towards law enforcement officials. It was all too reminiscent of the infamous 1992 Riots (aka Rodney King Riots) that left the south central Los Angeles community scarred with the afflictions of hate and ignorance.

It’s undeniable that within the minority population in the West Coast dwells a spirit of rebellion that can be traced as far back as the Black Panther Party era. Metaphorically speaking, protestors marched down the streets of justice hoping to intersect with an opportunity to spark a change in the thinking of America.

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