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Trayvon Martin’s parents joined Rev. Al Sharpton and NAN for 100 city ‘Justice for Trayvon’ vigils

Father of Trayvon Martin speaks to a member of the media at a rally for his son in Miami

Trayvon Martin‘s father, Tracy Martin, joined the National Action Network’s southeast regional chairman and Florida chapter at the Miami “100-city Justice for Trayvon” vigil.

Martin was joined by a crowd of hundreds singing the protest song “We Shall Overcome.” He demanded that George Zimmerman, acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter exactly a week ago, should face civil charges. Martin told about 300 supporters of his son’s cause that, after the acquittal, he has “come to realize George Zimmerman wasn’t on trial – Trayvon was on trial.”

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  1. miketuck on July 21, 2013 at 10:29 pm

    This was a tragety by far. A young life taken way to soon. It’s the black mentality of profiling( and rightfully so that probably caused a reaction from Trayvon, it was a world in which break-ins and property thefts that have gated communitys and neighborhoods running their own watch programs to curtail criminals. These two worlds came together and a tragety was born. As humans, even the most God loving ones of us look for blame and someone has to pay.

    This wasn’t murder by any case and George Zimmerman will find it hard to forgive himself neverless having to hide from the masses that know nothing of the case or what really took place. The biggest criminal element here is the media setting flames where there are none to be had. When are we humans going to start looking to love each and every other person. You don’t have to like or respect their actions but learn to forgive. George Zimmerman was as white as most blacks in this country. He is a melting pot identity. I can’t speak for the black community at all, but thye United States didn’t invent Slavery as it’s been a part of this earth since it’s birth of the humans. Black Africans sold their neighbors into slavery for the all mighty dollar ( or traded ). Black, Yellow, White, and due to love breaking through these barriers every color in between must come to the realization that the people that need to take blame for crimes like this are the same ones that radicalize their oppinions into violence just to keep separation. To them we aren’t equal. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton don’t speak for Christ or any other God any more than the KKK or the Nazi’s. If we want to come together as one we must lay down our identidy as a homo sapien, no more no less. We all want the same thing, love Family and friends and the ability to find a source of income to support our smallest form of government (THE FAMILY). The Constitution is our most important weapon.

    There are times we come together, unfortunately it’s funerals and war. If we were blind we’d have a better chance of loving one another than with and that is shameful. Judge less ye be Judged. I do it in front of the TV, but never speak judgementally to people I don’t even know. As people were always, and I repeat always are goig to have those who fight for separation like a High School Popularity contest. This is caused by the need of power, insecurity, and ignorance. You want someone to love you, love them. I’m tired of hearing races put their own down when they get a job or have friends of a different race, again this is a control tactic to bring you down to their level.

    I could go on about the barriers that separate us. But Gerge Zimmerman has his bars inside him and will for the rest of his life. He has a conscious and the forgiveness he’ll seek will be from himself which is the hardest thing to do. He was trying to do a good thing and because of situations I like to think of as evil, we all fall into it’s trap and again here we are separating ourselves just as the devil would love us to do.

    I prayed for Trevon and George, because actions like this will continue in a cycle until we learn to forgive and work on not reacting by how others sway us. Would Christ want us to march in the street with hate. Or march to the church or wherever we find our salvation and pray that Trevon be welcomed into the gates of heaven. I feel so deeply for the Martins as we live for our children, and nobody wants their children to past before they do. Speak to Christ and ask him what is the best way to stop evil from taking our lives away from us. I wonder if Trevon had any friends without a Father/Mother influence he’d want his parents to share with them.

    I look at the news every once in a while and want to die, I think Christ what is going on in this heavenly body we call home. I take all these acts of hatred on my back and it’s a heavy load to carry. The Middle East has been fighting over who is the true believers for ever and how much Godliness have they used to corect it? How long will it take to break the cycle of hatred. All colors of human beings take a lesson from our children before we renforce our predjudices on them. Setting in the playground with kids of every race having fun and not knowing that the love their giving to one another will eventually be stripped and replaced by what evil has planted inside everyone of us. We don’t have to let it grow, we can actually wipe it out like a virus by not reacting with hate but concern leading to forgiveness. I’m not to blame for how I was born, rather I was blessed to be born at all. It’s just I question the world around me, and the divides that shouldn’t be here. All I can do is act as Christ would want me to. If evil had it’s way we should kill all half-races for inpurity, and who among us really know all our true beginings. Love one another, say hi to your neighbors and the rest of your community no matter their race, economic class, or their sex. Hello is the first action to breaking down the walls. We as people all are ( Ruled/served?) by governments. But truely in the civilian world were all familys looking to live in peace and harmony.
    Let’s see how many radicalized people on all sides say that’s alot of #[email protected]!*%. And that is exactly the way, the reason, and outcome of why hatred is still alive today. There are two types of people. Ones that love to live, and those that hate to rule. I hope I die in peace and Heaven is this exact place only everyone lives by the 10 commandments which were not meant as rules but a way to live without pain.