Beyoncé’s weave gets stuck in fan as she performs ‘Halo’ on stage: Watch now

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Beyoncé experienced a hair emergency while on stage in Montreal on July 22. While performing her hit, “Halo,” she decided to sit near a fan. However, she apparently sat too close as the blades inside of the fan snagged some of her hair.

Without missing a note, Beyoncé motioned to her team that her hair was caught in the fan. Several men attempted to free her from the fan to no avail.

After a few more attempts, someone approached with scissors and cut some of her hair so that she could  be detached from the fan.

Beyoncé seemed to be a good sport about her weave malfunction. After the show, she wrote a song to express her thoughts on the harrowing experience.

Watch the video below:

Beyoncé’s impromptu song lyrics:

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