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Sanaa Lathan shoots for ‘rolling out’ and shares her camera fears

sanaa-rszShe said that she was nervous …

We couldn’t tell.

She said that as an actor it was weird to have to stand alone instead of interacting with another person.

Again, we couldn’t tell.

And so went the beautiful struggle of actress Sanaa Lathan overcoming her self perceived awkwardness in front of the camera to produce amazingly beautiful images during her cover shoot for rolling out. With her mother looking on, beaming as only proud moms do, Lathan tapped into her inner sexiness in a way that was both welcomed and internally revealing.

“I really just wanted to be sexy today,” she shared. “Most of my photo shoots, they want me to wear gowns, so it was just a lot of fun for me to be relaxed and sexy in my own way.”

Her own way would also include countless jokes, dance sessions, and personal stories of her evolution in front of the camera. “For those who know me, they know that I am really silly,” she said with a laugh. “I’m not sure how the outside world perceives me, but I am really laid back, and really a lot of fun.”

That ball of fun will be on full display when Lathan’s exclusive cover spread for rolling out hits newsstands this October.