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Virginia’s attorney general aims to make oral and anal sex a felony


If Ken Cuccinelli is elected governor of Virginia, there is a good chance that oral and anal sex will be outlawed in the state. Cuccinelli, who now serves as Virginia’s attorney general, is the state’s GOP nominee for governor.

According to reports, Cuccinelli filed an appeal to revive Virginia’s state law banning oral and anal sex. Cuccinelli claimed that the law is meant to convict child molesters. But Cuccinelli has also objected to gay sex and believes that a law should be enforced to stop homosexual acts between consenting adults.

“My view is that homosexual acts — not homosexuality, but homosexual acts — are wrong,” Cuccinelli told the Virginian-Pilot in 2009. “They’re intrinsically wrong. And I think in a natural law-based country it’s appropriate to have policies that reflect that. … They don’t comport with natural law.”

If Cuccinelli gets his way, heterosexuals and homosexuals could face felony charges if caught participating in consensual oral or anal sex. A conviction could lead to one year in prison.

Share your thoughts. Does Cuccinelli’s law protect children from predators, or does it invade privacy?


  1. Jasper Jamieson on July 25, 2013 at 1:07 pm

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    Next you know, they be all settings up some HOT line, sose we can spy on our niehbours and call up when (s)he be getting some hood work done.
    AINNO wrong wit dat! Be very insightful and pleasant. Nuthin betta then having some clean fun.
    Ken…get laid and enjoy. Don’t be bringin no Christian elitist views to my home.

  2. KenISmyMAN! on July 25, 2013 at 6:24 pm

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  3. KenISmyMAN! on July 25, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    SHhhhhhh!!!!! DON’T telllllllll NOBODY!!! Ken.C is a Big OL’ greedy pig Hypocrite who LUVS to give more than he receives.I know CUZ I was there peeping through the second glory hole adjacent to the one with the rhinestones for new “CUMMERS” that boy KNOW! he got SKILLS! than he had GAS…he belched through the whole thing?! HOW do YOU do THAT?!

  4. SoleSovereign on July 26, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    Irrational people like Ken Cuccinelli needs to be kept far away as POSSIBLE from any public office in America…”A Natural Law System” Sexuality IS natural,RELIGION is NOT! it’s a man made system,just like Government is a man made system,of course.but the comparison stops there,this is a Constitutional Republic despite the vultures in Congress who continue to write it off as a Plutocracy/Theocracy quasi democracy that’s steadfastly becoming a totalitarian state.That’s why we continue to get GOVERNment=CONTROL of the PEOPLE instead of Government controlled by the PEOPLE.If two adults choose to express their intrinsic,natural unalienable rights of sexuality with each other in such a manner,who the FUCK are you to even begin to think you have the right to throw people in PRISON for such acts?! the only reason people like him snake their way into office is because people allow it to happen from being Ignorant,Stupid and Complacent,don’t think for one second that not being identified as “homosexual” or thinking of yourself as some “moral” prude that such Draconian measures won’t eventually affect you! in such a system ALL people are subjected to the STATE.