New research on herpes drugs and treatment


Researchers may not have their hands on a cure for herpes quite yet, but one specific molecule has researchers wondering if it is strong enough to fight off the virus.

Curtin University scientists designed a study to target potential drugs for the herpes simplex virus.

“The main problem is the drugs are not working well as they cannot stop the gene response or gene expression [of HSV-1],” said Adnan Mannan, University of Chittagong assistant professor.

During the study small interfering RNA (siRNA) molecules were developed to silence key targets in the genetic makeup of HSV-1.

At the end of the study, two effective siRNA molecules were found.

“This study has designed a new target against HSV-1,” Mannan said.

Mannan said this target could be a “good candidate for drugs like tablets.”

But in the meantime, anti-viral medications are the most effective treatment to reduce symptoms for herpes.

Here are a few common drugs and medications suggested by doctors to help treat the virus.

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