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Superman will be teaming up with Batman: Should you watch?


Fans of comic books and big-budget summer blockbusters have been absolutely giddy over the past 72 hours since it was announced that the sequel to this summer’s smash hit Superman relaunch Man of Steel would likely be a film teaming Supes with none other than the Dark Knight himself, Batman. The big news was announced at San Diego Comic-Con, with Warner Bros. set to release the proposed film in the summer of 2015.

The movie is being touted as a sequel to Man of Steel, and it won’t have anything to do with the acclaimed Batman films directed by Christopher Nolan. While some outlets have claimed that the project is to be called Batman vs. Superman, the official title has yet to be confirmed.

Anyone who isn’t a movie geek may not know that there was a proposed team-up of the two iconic superheroes back in 2003, and the film was to be helmed by Wolfgang Petersen. Obviously, that project didn’t pan out, and Nolan went on to create a widely successful Batman trilogy, while Superman was revisited in 2006s lackluster Superman Returns before finally getting things right with this summer’s Man of Steel.

So are you excited about the prospect of seeing two of the world’s most famous superheroes on-screen together? We decided to list some reasons this could be a classic action flick and reasons  it could be a clunker.

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