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Dating site sued for posting customers’ STD and HIV statuses

successful matchTwo women are filing a lawsuit against one of the largest dating conglomerates in the world when the site posted their HIV and STD statuses without their knowledge or permission.

The female plaintiffs have filed a class-action lawsuit against Successful Match, accusing the conglomerate broke the law and its promise of confidentiality to customers on the site when Successful Match shared their their sexual disease statuses on thousands of spinoff sites, particularly, and

The women say when they joined Positive Singles, the site assured them in writing “fully anonymous profiles” in a service that would connect them with other singles with the same status.

“What it does not do, however, is disclose that there are upwards of a thousand other websites that link to” – and all use the same database of profiles, the women say in the suit. Today, Positive Singles has a disclaimer about its network of affiliated sites. We are not yet able to determine when that disclaimer was posted.

The women are seeking an injunction against Successful Match’s current business plan as well as damages.