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From Nas to LL Cool J: 10 ridiculously bad albums by legendary rappers


Hip-hop, like any other genre of music, has its fair share of forgettable artists and also-rans. Over the years, many fans have taken great pleasure in mocking the careers of musical footnotes like MC Brains, Craig Mack and Smilez & Southstar (“Who?”); those one-hit wonders who came and went and who’s albums you couldn’t name if someone put a gun to your head. But as far as musical missteps, some of hip-hop’s most revered artists have contributed uber-wack music to the masses. Bad albums are not limited to bad artists.

So at the risk of stepping on a few toes, we decided to list a few albums by a handful of hip-hop’s most legendary names that they probably would like to forget ever existed. These are artists that would be first ballot hip-hop Hall of Famers, but who released albums so bad it almost got their “legend” pass revoked.

Ready? Let’s tick off some obsessive fans …

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