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Is Frank Ocean dissing Chris Brown in his ‘Versace’ remix?

Frank Ocean & Chris Brown - Cover 2

When it comes to the cutthroat battlefield of the music scene, Frank Ocean has never been one to jump head, feet or pen first into a feud, even though he’s had ample opportunity thanks to his R&B rival, Chris Brown. Although the two singers have traded twitter jabs, accusations and even traded blows in an infamous brawl, Ocean has repeatedly chosen to squash his never-ending beefs with Brown. Now, reports are claiming that Ocean is throwing thinly veiled daggers at his Brown in his new remix to the hit song “Versace.”

Earlier this week, Ocean posted lyrics to his own remix of Amigos’ hit summer anthem, “Versace,” on his popular Tumbler page. And although he hasn’t a released an audio for the track, the lyrics have many fans claiming that Ocean is dissing Brown, with lyrics claiming that the “Fine China” singer makes “sloppy” music.

“I’m not Liberace / you could stay seated I’m taking that Grammy / your music is sloppy,” wrote Ocean.

Indeed, Ocean’s win for the Best Urban Contemporary Album for Channel Orange was one the most memorable moments of the Grammy’s as the singer received a standing ovation from everyone, except Chris Brown, who remained in his seat, seemingly seething with envy over the loss.

Of course, hilarious memes and gifs of that unforgettable moment quickly popped up on tumblers across the web:

“N—-s is heated they keep on repeating the even in slow mo,” he wrote.

To put the cyanide-laced cherry on top, Ocean finally takes a jab at Brown’s past relationship with Rihanna.

“You had a lady then she hurt your ego / now you can’t forgive her,” wrote Ocean.

Frank Ocean - Versace Lyrics

Tt’s doubtful that and audio track will ever be released, or that Ocean will ever reveal exactly who he’s writing about, fans have already spoken. Considering Brown’s penchant for taking on any and every feud, we wouldn’t be surprised if he releases a diss track of his own.

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