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Juror B29 blasted on social media for waffling her George Zimmerman vote

b29.Juror B29 is facing considerable backlash for saying “George Zimmerman got away with murder” because she is the juror who changed her vote from second-degree murder to acquittal.

Most of the respondents on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram believe that the lone minority on the George Zimmerman murder trial could have held out and created a hung jury, which would have required the courts to retry Zimmerman for the admitted killing of teen Trayvon Martin.

Sybrina Fulton articulated her devastation by what Juror B29 — named Maddy — said to Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America.” The Puerto Rican mother of eight children said that she believed in her heart and her mind that Zimmerman was guilty of murder, but that under Florida law she had to let him go free because of the lack of evidence.

Maddy said that she is having trouble sleeping and eating in the days since the non guilty verdict came over the airwaves like a thunderclap, setting major metropolises afire nationwide. But many of the social media respondents were not very sympathetic to Maddy’s plight.

Here is what they had to say:

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