Traci Steele’s makeup artist, Mimi Johnson, shares budget-friendly beauty tips


Traci Steele‘s makeup artist, Mimi Johnson, gave us the inside scoop on beauty and skincare while behind the scenes of DJ Traci Steele and DJ Babey Drew‘s rollingout photo shoot. Recently working with Traci Steele, Kenya Moore, and a few other VH1 reality stars, Mimi is the perfect person to share tips for glamazons, naturalistas, and makeup lovers with a tight budget.

What was the inspiration behind Traci Steele’s makeup for the shoot?  For Traci’s looks, we’re going for a light and casual look and a dewy, romantic look.

Mimi’s signature makeup style: My makeup style is naturally pretty. I try not to go overboard with the makeup to bring out my clients best features.

How did you get into the beauty industry? My makeup career began by having fun. My friends would always come to me to do their makeup, so one day I invited three of my friends to come over to do their makeup, made my own business cards to pass out, and it went on from there.  I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Tips to being a successful makeup artist:
Outside of skill, you’re always learning, but what’s going to take you to the next level is learning how to be a professional and brand yourself. Understanding those concepts will give you a great start.

Every woman must have in her bag:

Lip-gloss, lipstick, mascara, and a little blush goes a long way.

Wearing red lipstick and picking out the right colors:

Anyone can wear red, but you have to wear it with confidence. It’s all about your personality.

When I first started doing makeup, I used a color wheel. Sephora has a great color wheel that matches your skin color to

Best beauty advice:

Take care of your skin underneath the makeup. If you don’t have a good canvas to start with, it’s going to take more makeup to cover those flaws. Drink lots of water, and wash your face at night, especially after wearing makeup.

Budget friendly ways to update your makeup bag:
There are great brands at Target that make comparable products to high-end cosmetics for a lower price. Do your research and have fun shopping down the aisle!

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