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Wolverine star Hugh Jackman’s $23 million New York condo


Australian actor, Hugh Jackman takes the big screen this weekend as he portrays “Wolverine” for the seventh time since his debut in “X-Men” back in 2000. Jackman, 44 recently revealed that he loves his character and will continue to play the role as long as his fans accepts him. He loves his role so much that he and his wife of 17 years jokes that the costumes makes for a great role play during sex. Jackman also confessed to appearing at Comic-Con last week in Diego and no one knew it was him.  “I got dressed up in my full Wolverine costume. Not one person stopped me,” he announced to the crowd. “One guy goes, ‘Eh, not bad.’ And another one said, ‘Whoa. Way too tall buddy.'”

With so much success with his “Wolverine” character, you wonder what Mr. Jackman does with all those millions he’s earned. Well wonder no more. Check out his all white posh New York triplex condo that sits on the eighth, ninth and tenth floors of the Perry Street building with beautiful views of the Hudson River.

See Jackman’s 11,000 square foot condo here. “Wolverine” is in theaters nationwide today.

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  1. FEM875 on July 27, 2013 at 10:38 am

    One Picture!!?? Are you serious??