Kelly Price talks ‘R&B Divas LA’ (part 3)


Kelly Price, the anchor of “R&B Diva’s LA, shared her thoughts on the show.

How was taping “R&B Divas LA“?

It was good! We taped about 40 hours a week, some footage with the group and some private and intimate footage in my home and with my family. The taping is over so we’re watching it live as you watch it. I can honestly say, “So far so good!”  I guess the question that I want to ask is, “What happens to the rest of the footage?”

When presented with the show, what were your thoughts? 

I was excited for my friends Nicci Gilbert and Faith Evans who had the idea but I side eyed it a lot. I’ve known Nicci for 10 years, Faith for over 17 years, and Phil Thorton, as executive producer — knowing they all were involved made me give a slow yes as opposed to a quick no.

I watched the first season in Atlanta. After, although there was some controversy, I respected the fact that everyone of those ladies, whom I know personally and I’ve worked with them in some capacity, you were able to get a honest view of who they were not just behind the microphone but a honest look into their lives. I thought it was great that they had an idea and they were able to create a platform for women and not just themselves — because they could have very easily made it just about them. They created an opportunity for us to reinvent, rebrand, reintroduce, and use TV as a medium to do it. So kudos to them for that! We have a chance that we might not have had in 2013 with all the changes that music has gone through. When they came to me with LA, I was excited, asking me to anchor LA and because I didn’t have to travel cross country, I said yes! And you have “R&B Divas LA” with me and the other five incredible women.

Why were the women that are on the show chosen to be a “R&B Divas”?

Every woman on the show deserves a spot on it; they all have earned their place on the show. Each one was brought in because of who we were, what we did and the slot that they felt we would fill. We are on the show because of what our life, story and experience and potential brought to the table.

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