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Anthony Weiner’s 23-year-old sexting partner and other famous political home wreckers


Anthony Weiner appears to have a serious addiction to sex. For the second time in three years, Weiner has been caught engaging in sexual activities that doesn’t involve his wife. After sending a nude photo to his Twitter followers in 2011, Weiner was caught sending over 30 nude photos to Sydney Leathers.

It’s obvious that Weiner, and many other politicians, can’t handle the adulation of being a public figure.

Leathers, 23, will likely be remembered as the mistress who played a pivotal role in Weiner’s second downfall. She joins a list of women who became famous for being home wreckers.

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1 Comment

  1. Jasper Jamieson on August 15, 2013 at 8:43 am

    Jasper ain’t got no time for tom foolery.
    spouse ain’t given ya the time of day, betta have dat little talk, or else end dat cause yousall lazy.
    Ol’ Jasper been in da hen house befo, but neva against mrs Jamieson. LOL…sometime she bring a friend ova for sum tea. Keep Jasper all healthy.
    But da cheat, is da cheat. And whens you gots sum cheata, move ova and be counted!