‘Kick-Ass 2’ stars talk sequels, stunt injuries and Spider-Man


Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass/Dave Lizewski)

On comparisons to a certain popular web-slinger:

I do think there are some characteristics that do resemble the Spider-Man/Peter Parker thing. I think definitely Dave would’ve been a huge advocate of Spider-Man.

On being type-cast as Dave Lizewski:

I think it took me a little bit longer [for casting directors] to come around. Because most people thought I was kind of a teenage fanboy from America.

On difficulty returning to a geeky, teenaged character:

It was a challenge, for sure. That’s when me and [director] Jeff [Wadlow] were working alongside [each other] to kind of develop that again. It was really hard for me because I go from a  character, erase it and jump to something else. Trying to go back and be the same person is harder than it seems. I’m very particular about things and if I saw the first one again I’d be like “Aw, man–I wish I did this or did that.”

On having fun doing stunts:

We were encouraged to do it all. The great thing about playing these roles, there’s a bonus in it. we get to dress up as superheroes and do some amazing cool s–t.

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