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Baje Fletcher keeps it real in book aimed at ‘goal’ diggers


“Now I ain’t sayin she’s a gold digger …”

That familiar refrain was popularized by Kanye West, and continues to serve as a reminder to men to be careful of the money-hungry women who want nothing more but to capitalize on their financial gains. But author and model Baje Fletcher has taken this phenomenon and turned it on its head by penning a book geared to women where instead of being gold diggers, they are now focused on being “goal” diggers. What’s the difference? Well, we sought to find that answer during our exclusive one-on-one with the woman who has everyone talking about this salacious self-help book.

What was the inspiration behind your book?         

My girlfriends would always come to me for advice about how they can come out on top in the dating world. They grew tired of falling for game and wanted to know what it was that they kept doing wrong. It seems like the men would always get what they wanted, but the women wouldn’t. They would listen attentively as I gave the play-by-play on how I didn’t get sidetracked and was able to hit my goals consistently.  One of them said ‘Girl you should write a book’… so I started writing it that same day. I named it: A Gold Digger’s Guide – How to Get What You Want Without Giving It Up.  On the cover, I scratched out gold and changed it to goal, because it’s about planning out your life in detail so that you don’t fall into someone else’s plan.

How has the public received such a controversial subject?

At first when I released book, it was a shock to everyone. They use to ask who in their right mind would write a book like this. But after reading the book, they saw that it went well beyond a superficial title and it was actually a book of knowledge & substance. My book empowers women to be in control of their lives — specifically the financial side. There is so much knowledge that is kept from women, and it’s that lack of that knowledge that keeps men in power. I chose to share my findings.

Has there been any negative feedback? 

Absolutely. But luckily, I have a thick skin. Most of the negative comments are from people who have never read the book and are drawing assumptions purely based off the title. Those comments hold no weight with me.

What do you ultimately hope that women take away from this book?

I want women to know that they don’t have to settle.  No matter what they been through, they can defy the odds just as I did. If they want it badly enough then there is nothing that will be able to stop them.  They just have to come up with a detailed plan and put that plan to action.

Because your book mainly deals with how to attract wealthy men, does that mean that your preference is to only date wealthy men?   

Preferably, yes!  Who aims to scrape the bottom of the barrel? When you’re choosing a house, school, career or even food, don’t you naturally want to choose the best?

How can our readers stay in touch with you?

They can visit or They can email me at [email protected], as I prepare for the audio release of this book.



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