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Amtrak’s Darlene Abubakar discusses the company’s veterans hiring initiative

Darlene AbubakarAmtrak’s Darlene Abubakar knew it was important to take part in the National Urban League’s 2013 Conference themed “Redeem the Dream: Jobs Rebuild America” because, “We know how important it is to get America back to work,” she shares. Also, the National Urban League’s goal aligns closely with the Amtrak’s veteran hiring initiative, which aims to make veterans 25 percent of new hires by 2015.

The intercity passenger train’s senior director of National Advertising and Marketing Programs continues, “Particularly in the communities of color where the unemployment rate is so much higher than in other communities.”

Amtrak’s commitment and connection to the community is apparent, because first, they sponsored the event and second, they had two booths: one for travelers and consumers to learn about the benefits of rail travel and for a chance to win giveaways and prizes, including free travel to Amtrak destinations. A second booth was at the career fair recruiting veterans.

Amtrak Marketing and Amtrak Human Capital representatives were available throughout the conference to discuss the hiring initiative and explore career options with participants. “When veterans come home from service, Amtrak wants to make sure they have employment. There will be about 30 jobs fairs over the next couple of years aimed at providing employment opportunities to veterans, an idea that’s very much in line with the ‘Redeem the Dream’ theme,” she closes.