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Dice talks ‘La La’s Full Court Life,’ coming out on TV, and Carmelo and La La’s relationship



While many reality stars have had  major breakthroughs on television, it’s safe to say that Dice remains at the top of the list.  Joining her cousin La La Anthony on the VH1 series, “La La’s Full Court Life,” after being in La La and Carmelo‘s wedding, Dice was forced to make some important life decisions. Aside from coming out on television, the Georgia native balanced her new celebrity with pursuing her master’s, graduating with a 4.0 GPA. Rolling out had a chance to sit down with Dice, who shared her insight into the full court life.


Have you undergone a change since you’ve been on TV?

I’m naturally a shy and quite person, but from the season one until now, I see a totally different person. It’s like the cameras aren’t even around. I’m more vocal, I’m out with my sexuality, and I’m comfortable. When I [go] out, people want to take pictures with me so it’s a humbling experience. Sometimes I even forget I’m on TV.

Why did you continue your education even after securing the show?

Entertainment was never my lane or something I wanted; it was always La La’s passion. I would be there behind the scenes when La La was working, until the wedding special. In the third season, I started grad school, so I had to make it work. … It was a sacrifice, but it paid off in the end. I graduated with honors, and accomplished two major things in my life at the same time.

Why did you decide to come out on TV?

In season two, the producer approached me about being more open, and thought it would be great to express my sexuality on TV to show people that it’s OK to come out. After much pressure, I gave in. My family already knew I was gay, but I was afraid that people weren’t going to treat me as the same person. It was a powerful episode and we got great feedback from it.

Tell us about Carmelo and La La’s relationship:

As a couple, they’re just regular. Melo is so laid-back, and my cousin is the total opposite, and opposites attract, so they balance each other out. I’ve definitely seen a change in them because these are two people that have been together 12 years and have a child together. They’re like best friends. They love each other and their son. It just goes to show you that you can have two people in the entertainment world be happy and successful together.