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Female Success Factor » Mattie Rock cultivates aspiring entrepreneurs

Mattie Rock cultivates aspiring entrepreneurs

mattie rock

Mattie Rock is grooming and connecting entrepreneurs. A serial entrepreneur, the founder of Rock Networking Unlimited Inc.-Techno Media Films is confident that her knack for connecting people and negotiation can be bottled and sold. Rock has an informative, energetic and witty testimony that’ll get you fired up. All the movers and shakers retain her company to get the word out their events via eBlast. Mattie continues with the legacy of her dearly departed husband C. Ranoldo Weaver, aka The Video Bishop, who passed away in 2009.  Mattie learned, and now runs Techno Media Films, founded by Bishop Weaver, which offers TV Shows, commercials, Infomercial, web sites, web hosting, green screen technology and much more.
Dubbed the queen of networking,  Join Mattie Rock and her power team are hosting their next major networking event on Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013.

Here, you can learn more about what motivates Rock.

What inspires you to show up at work every day?
The end results of what I’ve set out to do, making progress every day and my passion for helping people in business are what inspire me to go to work every day.

How did you determine your career path?
I’ve been in business for more than 30 years, which includes working out of my trunk and meeting up with people for business transactions wherever we could. It would have been nice to have someone encourage me and promote my business while I was trying to get it off the ground. So, I decided to be the change I wanted to see in the world.

What other industries connect to your career choice?
There is no single industry that connects like RNU Techno Media; any industry can use some marketing. In fact, we connect industries by creating a platform for business owners to network and provide them with a service that drives traffic to their businesses.

Describe the skill sets that are essential to future business leader and innovators?
The main skill set future business leaders and innovators should have is a rooted trust in one’s genius. There are so many people with great ideas and inventions – some they stumble upon accidentally – who talk themselves out of moving forward. So, if they trust in themselves and remember “failure is not an option,” their ideas will be manifested.

Describe innovative methods you apply to your business and life.

We self-analyze at least biannually to determine where we are in relationship to our goals and with the change in the industry to ensure we remain productive and our offerings remain relevant to our clients. That means we have to be willing to reinvent ourselves as the technology changes.

Describe goal-setting methods you use and how you evaluate your success.
My goal is to help my clients grow their business by providing them with a platform to advertise their businesses. We do this through memberships, video, print media, eBlasts, networking events and good old fashioned word of mouth. My success is measured by my client’s growth. When they share with me their stories of success and their gratitude for RNU Techno Media’s role in that success, we know our job was well done.

How do you stay abreast of technology changes?
I am constantly learning new information as technology changes and you know that happens every year. Technology from 2012 is outdated in 2013. So, I am always taking courses, burning the midnight oil to keep up with this ever-changing evolution of new technology.

Techno Media Films can create a video for your web site:
*  We can use your existing post card, business card, or brochure to produce broadcast quality video commercial or marketing presentation.
*  We can use Green Screen Technology to produce a high quality look for your business.
*  We offer a website builder service
*   We can build a video marketing campaign and submit your video to Social Networks, Social Bookmaking’s, Word Press Blogs, Pod casts, and Podcast Directories.  This helps you to develop and attract qualified leads to your business.
* We can implement a email marketing  campaign to help you market your products, and services driving people to your web site and events.

Click here for more info on Rock’s Networking Unlimited’s next event.