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Black ESPN host threatens co-host during NABJ: Calls him ‘Uncle Tom’ and ‘house n…..’

Hugh Douglas and Michael Smith

Hugh Douglas and Michael Smith

The National Association of Black Journalists 2013 Convention wasn’t all Kumbaya. Despite the fact that emotions are still high and this meeting of professionals was held a half-hour from where Trayvon Martin was slain by George Zimmerman, ESPN “Numbers Never Lie” co-host Hugh Douglas, 42, allegedly threatened violence on a fellow brother, his colleague Michael Smith, 33, during a drunken rage.

He hurled racial slurs at him calling him an “Uncle Tom” and “house n***.” He even, reportedly, grabbed his co-worker and threatened to beat him up while attending a Sports Task Force party at the House of Blues because Smith cautioned him about speaking to a group of journalists while he was inebriated. A former jock, a 6 foot 2, 280-pound Douglas played defensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles and is also an NFL analyst for ESPN.

This is definitely a violation of decorum by all standards.