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DMC clarifies Jay-Z ‘diss’: ‘I had to personally apologize’

Darryl McDaniels' Dream Project Announcement

After it was reported that Run-D.M.C.‘s Darryl “DMC” McDaniels dismissed artists like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne as “not hot,” and stated that their fans are “brainwashed,” the self-proclaimed “King of Rock” decided to step forward and clarify his comments. According to AllHipHop’s Illseed, DMC has addressed the comments, offering to better explain what he was trying to convey.

“I could never DISS Lil Wayne or Jay-Z!” DMC states. “They are very good and successful at what they do! I would and could never disrespect either of these two men! Their success is my success! I love and respect Lil Wayne! He treats me well and is very very nice to me and my family!”

“And Jay-Z inspired me and assured me that great hip-hop will exist forever in all generations and eras when he dropped ‘Hard Knock Life,’ which one of my favorite hip-hop songs ever! ‘Hard Knock’ is incredible to me!” he added.

“After reading the negative comments coming at all of us, I had to personally apologize to my two fellow artist! I do not like negative s–t! I cannot tolerate anything that will divide us and our hip-hop culture!”

Dee then shared his belief that hip-hop artists should be unified–regardless of their musical or generational differences. “The power is in Wayne, D and Jay standing side by side representing this sacred culture together! No matter how ‘different’ we may be!”

“Now with that being said, the point I was trying to make is that Jay and Wayne (and even me when I was on radio all day) aren’t the only ones that are so-called ‘hot’ because there is a lot of talent that may be just as ‘hot’ and even better, but they don’t get heard on the radio,” he explained. “All I’m saying is a DJ should be able to discover an incredible-ass rapper in any city state or country today, and be able to come on the air tomorrow, and play that song; but he or she can’t–because of programming!”


  1. Sherri Etienne on August 6, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    Is it just me or is it hilariously funny and utterly amazing that every time people express their true feelings/opinions with regards to today’s greats (Jay-Z, Oprah, etc.), be it dislike, opposing, or negative that person feels or is made to feel immediately inclined to apologize and/or retract their statement?
    Last week Rae Dawn Chong went ham on Oprah and was quick to say, I, I, I, and now DMC with J-AY-Z… Oh what power man has given to another man or woman. People seem to fear God less than they fear Jay-Z and Oprah! LMAO! Too, damn, funny! I mean I like them and all, but damn.
    Granted, I do understand that these two individuals are backed by a machine so powerful that it has the ability to make stars fall from the skies, but with that being said just don’t say anything especially if you gotta take it back or further explain what you really meant, see, what had happened was…
    This is why I like Russell Brand. He says what he thinks and means what he says and he’s man enough to say it to an open forum where nothing can be taken out of context or misconstrued at that moment.
    And the moral to the story is, just shut up damn! Now you look stupid and weak and you might not eat in the 4th Quarter…

    • Vandellish on August 7, 2013 at 12:14 pm

      Co-sign with you Sherri.
      I also find it funny that his second statement here was much more clear about what he claims he was trying to say. It comes off like he was telling his real feelings in the first statement and now this is the cleanup/spin on it.
      It’s weird how Run-DMC used to get some of the same ‘they’re making hip-pop (cornball) music’ criticism that Jay’s getting now. Maybe someone brought that up to DMC and he had a change of heart.

      • Sherri Etienne on August 7, 2013 at 2:04 pm

        I agree, someone said something to DMC and he was like oops with the stupid face, did I say that out loud? Did I really just bite a hand that could possibly feed me and a small village in Guatamala? LMAO!
        It is so funny and if you think about it, everyone who has ever had a public beef with Jay has apologized (NAS, Foxy, Beanie, Dame), that is with the exception of Jaz-O. And if he did apologize, Jay either ignored or refused his apology…