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Evelyn Lozada cries over Chad Johnson in new ‘Basketball Wives’ teaser

Evelyn Lozada & Chad Johnson - Divorce Cover

Before cameras even began rolling for season five of “Basketball Wives,” fans new that Evelyn Lozada’s assault and divorce from her troubled ex-husband, Chad Johnson, would take center stage on the show. And after previously releasing a teaser about Lozada’s “BBW” co-stars Suzie Ketcham and Tasha Marbury mocking Lozada’s attack, the network has now released an emotional teaser of Lozada crying over her marriage’s demise.

In the clip, Lozada sits with her mother in the aftermath of the brutal attack and her high-profile divorce and reveals that not only did she lose her husband, but she also lost her brother-in-law, Anthony Ochoa, who died from cancer around the same time of the Johnson incident.

“It’s just like the timing is crazy. It’s like two of my best friends just gone,” Lozada said in a tearful confessional.

Evelyn Lozada & Anthony Ochoa

“Why is this happening to my life? That’s my brother and then he dies right after the incident with me and Chad,” said Lozada, choking up. “Words can’t even explain how dark I felt. Like, this can’t be my life.”

Lozada’s mother tries to console her, but Lozada admits that she feels scrutinized by the public, who she claims blamed her for Johnson’s attack.

“Some people can be like, ‘Oh, it’s her fault.’ I think I had every reason to be pissed off that my husband of three weeks is buying condoms,” she said. “I think I have every right, but he knows I was good to him.”

Sadly, Lozada isn’t the only celebrity to suffer the loss of a family member. Check out some other tragic family losses below. – nicholas robinson


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  1. hendeeze on August 7, 2013 at 7:49 pm

    Chad played football though

  2. Notya Biznes on August 19, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    Keep in mind this was filmed quite some time ago. Shaunie just recently admitted that they were ready to air in Feb, but they got pushed back due to VH1 wanting to go with another season of LAHH. With the toned down nature of the show going forward, I predict this will be the last season. We hate you for jumping over tables and throwing bottles, but best believe, that’s what we tune it for.