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Woman bites off her friend’s finger over 50 cents and cigarettes


Senta Staffney will have to serve six months in prison for biting off another woman’s finger. According to reports by MLive, Staffney of Muskegon, MI began arguing with Danielle Lott over cigarettes on June 17.

While sitting in the front yard of Lott’s sister’s home, Staffney agreed to sell Lott two cigarettes for 50 cents each. But when Lott handed Staffney one dollar, Staffney told Lott she owed her an additional 50 cents.

The argument escalated and became physical at some point. Staffney bit Lott’s ringer off and spit it out in the yard. Lott was rushed to the hospital, but her finger was too damaged to be saved. Both women were drinking prior to the incident.

On Aug. 5, a judge sentenced Staffney to six months in jail, 18 months on probation and 20 hours of community service.