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Da YoungFellaz dispute blowing $130,000 marketing budget on drugs and travel: Listen now


On Aug. 6, the New York Post reported a story regarding allegations of Da YoungFellaz blowing a $130,000 marketing budget on drugs and travel; however, Da YoungFellaz tell a different story.

During an interview with rolling out, the New York-based duo revealed their side of the story. Apparently, Frank Marquez, the main investor, attempted to manipulate the group into signing away their intellectual property.

Marquez agreed to loan the duo several lump sums of money that weren’t to be repaid until 2014 and 2015. But when the group refused to sign over their intellectual property to Marquez, he began to spread false allegations about the group and their body of work.

In the New York Post article, Marquez claimed that the duo only released one song in six months; however, the group released the mixtape “Sophisticated But Arrogant: The Prelude” in July. The group has also recorded with Talib Kweli and opened for Meek Mill in concert.

Overall, it appears as if the group may have dealt with a shady businessman.

Listen to rolling out’s exclusive interview with Da YoungFellaz below: