B. Scott talks BET lawsuit and transgender identity on MSNBC

B. Scott - MSNBC-001

A lot has been said about B. Scott ever since he revealed last week that he’s suing BET for $2.5 million for gender identity discrimination and also revealed that he’s transgender. But B recently gave his first televised interview since the announcement with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts as he discussed his feelings behind the lawsuit and commented on the responses to his announcement on being transgender.

While sitting with his lawyer, Waukeen Scott, B. Scott explained that he was shocked and humiliated after BET forced him to ditch his typical androgynous look and change into men’s clothes when he hosted the Ford Red Carpet pre-show at the 2013 BET Awards.

“It’s just really sad that people have to go through something like this in 2013 when we’ve seen all different types of personalities,” said B. “There has been Michael Jackson, Prince and Grace Jones and the list goes on.”

B. Scott also addressed the mixed responses he’s gotten after revealing that he’s transgender. Many fans were shocked when B, who historically has described himself as an androgynous gay man, revealed his true gender identity and some fans were critical of his revelation. However, B explained that many people are unaware of the full definition of “transgender” and that he’s happy with the support he’s gotten from most fans.

“I think there seems to be some confusing as to what it means to be transgender. Transgender really means someone who identifies as man, woman, both, neither and that is different from their born assigned sex. And I view myself as somewhere in between. I am both [man and woman],” B explained.

“I have been overwhelmed by the support of the community. There was a time in my life when I really felt I was all alone and the magnitude of how people have been supporting me through this … has been really touching,” said B as he choked up in tears. “I just feel very supported and very confident that I’m doing the right thing to show people that it’s OK to be who you are no matter how you choose to express yourself.”

We applaud B. Scott for taking a stand against the marginalization of the LGBT community in the media and also for opening people’s eyes and minds to the reality that gender expression goes beyond stereotypical ideas of male and female and that all expressions are worth being celebrated. Check out some other transgender stars doing the same below. –nicholas robinson



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