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Christina Milian is ready to unleash that ‘Voice’ on the world


And, in a sense, Milian is going through the exact same process, albeit on a different level. Milian also gets to perform in front of millions of people and her work is going to get judged — mostly through her album and accompanying videos — immediately to determine if she’s going to stay on the radar of music. So, her life parallels the contestants’ lives in a very real way. Milian is set to go back through the grinder of fame, scrutiny, judgement, critiques and to experience the highs and lows of music. Especially since Milian went through a very public marriage and even more infamous breakup with super-producer The-Dream that tumbled into a fiery ball of mess after he was caught cavorting with his assistant on a beach.

“This definitely feels like a new phase in my life. I have way more experience to [draw] off of in my personal life as well as in business. And I do feel, with now becoming a mother, being married and having many relationships, failures and successes, it all makes me the person that I am today,” Milian says.

The expectations and the excitement surrounding her upcoming album was intensified when she was cloaked under the Cash Money/Young Money banner and their assembly line of artists, producers, writers and marketers. Milian knows that she has to bring the noise and the swag to climb back to the high perch she was once at. And with Young Money, she feels she has that.

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  1. antonio dueñas on August 16, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    I would like she releases new songs soon.