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Christina Milian is ready to unleash that ‘Voice’ on the world


“I wasn’t scared. I was excited when I found out I was pregnant. Of course, when you find out that first time, you’re like ‘Oh my God! My life is changing. From here on out my life has changed.’ And then you realize that miracle that is inside of you and what’s happening. Even the ups and downs outside my pregnancy, I enjoyed each and every moment of my pregnancy. And the second that I had her, I knew that it was meant to be. Like I never questioned God and I knew that everything was happening for a reason. Now if you had asked me before I was pregnant and before I was married to The-Dream, I thought that I would never have a baby at this time in my life. But everything fell into place,” she says.

Not only has her life fallen into place, she has peace, continuity and comfort in her life at all times regardless of the external craziness and adversity that arises at regular intervals. Her daughter provides all of that for her.

“I’m just thinking about her all the time,” says Milian. “I’m thinking about her even though I have to work all the time. … And I’m very fortunate that I work in an industry where family is more accepted now and I have a family that supports me. Sometimes I need her. When I’m tired and I see her, then I’m awake again. And I act like a kid with her. She is like a ball of fire, a spark of light that when the moment I see her, she lets me know how much she loves me,” says the proud mom.

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  1. antonio dueñas on August 16, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    I would like she releases new songs soon.