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DJ Holiday introduces Runway Richy; talks Atlanta open mic scene


DJ Holiday served many purposes at Atlanta’s MixShowLive Summit this past weekend. Aside from joining his fellow DJs as labels shared their recent singles and new artists, the Streetz 94.5 DJ introduced the industry to his new artist Runway Richy.  Holiday, who built his buzz in Atlanta’s independent music scene, continues to help hip-hop artists get recognition on a larger scale. If you’re an independent artist or on the mission to help others, take a few tips from DJ Holiday and check out The Commission‘s own, Runway Richy.

On artists giving out their CDs:

I used to take everybody’s CD, but presentation is everything to me. Don’t come to the club to give me a CD that you wrote on with a sharpie. If you could take the time to get a packaged CD, then it’s worth taking a listen. We were raised that way. We came up in the open mic scene.

Is the open mic scene still relevant today’s industry?

We’re here at an open mic. MixShowLive is pretty much a big open mic. It’s always good to have opportunities for new artists. It’s a blessing for someone to be able to put those showcases and events together. They’re not as strong as they used to be, but there are still people like Tony Neal, P. Brown, and TJ da DJ, who are doing big things.

And your own, exposure to open mic?

Yes, KD, my crew and I run that. We’re still going on at Apache Cafe on Thursdays nights. You can see anybody from the biggest management teams in the game, that’s what it’s about. Of course, T.I., B.O.B, and people like that always come through, but as I mentioned, it’s just a part of what we are. That’s the way we came up. We would never abandon that type of movement because it got us to where we are.

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