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Spike Lee reaches and exceeds Kickstarter goals

Spike LeeFilmmaker Spike Lee, 56, despite the criticism, has reached his $1.25 million Kickstarter goal to finance his next movie project and exceeded it. At press time, he was up to $1,314,676 with only three days to go.

“Indie Filmmakers are always in search of financing because their work, their vision sometimes does not coincide with Studio Pictures,” he wrote on his Kickstarter project page. “But I do put my own money in my films. I self-financed RED HOOK SUMMER. My fee for MALCOLM X was put back into the budget.

“The truth is I’ve been doing KICKSTARTER before there was KICKSTARTER, there was no Internet. Social Media was writing letters, making phone calls, beating the bushes. I’m now using TECHNOLOGY with what I’ve been doing.”

It’s the third highest film in the crowdfunding site’s history, behind  Vernonica Mars feature film and Zach Braff’s followup to Garden State.