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Traci Steele, DJ BabeyDrew, Verse Simmonds on ‘Kandi Koated Nights’

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Images from Kandi Koated Nights with special guests Traci Steele, DJ Babey Drew, singer Verse Simmonds and Tony Terry

The topic was “popcorn groupies” a phrase that Traci Steele from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta coined on the show. Traci & Babey Drew who co-parent admitted that are actually really close friends right now. They experienced a lot of turmoil on the show over “popcorn groupies,” which is why the topic was so interesting.

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Photo Credit: Chris Mitchell / CME 3000


  1. Edisha on August 18, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    I enjoy watching DJ Traci Steele!!! Her character seems so REAL and down to Earth. I expected to have some sort of criticism of her as a DJ after viewing her on LHHAtl because her character was so captivating, most reality stars aren’t good at both (craft vs reality tv). Even her mixes on the radio in Atlanta are dope! She could easily have her own show.

  2. Meelah - tri state on August 19, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    I think its good Ms Steelers is trying to keep the young girls in check by her infamous term popcorn ho because there is an over saturation of sex in media & females think its cool to be a ho. Did ucheck out Shays sex tape she handling hers like a sailor. However i still think their show is scripted. Has anyone noticed how some of the cast favor some music celebs that are actually making money because of their talent not theatrical drama. I also believe these actors are placed to protect celebs caught up in the illuminati. It can be entertaing but its a shame because once ago bet continue to “robin hood” by capital izing off of someone elses plight and contining to syblimally exploit & put down the downtrodding. The simple fact that someone would disrespect someone cleanfrom drugs for entertainment purposes..blk on blk..what if she relapses. Fake love. The tiitle love n hip hop..u show me one industry cat on that show that’s really making jay & beyonce money by record sellsells…exactly crickets!! Now Scrappy he alright in his white suit & white frames okkk but musically the others..maybe its for motivation. But I only tuned in this season because. I’m in a situation.