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Authorities still unsure why Lee Thompson Young committed suicide

Lee Thompson Young - Cover

Lee Thompson Young’s fans and Hollywood friends are still in shock over the death of the young TV star and while those around him still mourn his tragic death, police are still trying to figure out why the promising star decided to take his own life earlier this week.

According to TMZ, Young didn’t leave a suicide note and his diary was filled with several mundane entries that gave no clue as to why he shot himself to death. Law enforcement sources say his personal computer left no clues either.

However, there is still hope for the investigation as Young’s family told authorities that he suffered from “depression issues” in the past. Young’s family provided the names of several doctors who treated him and the police intend to question them all to understand the severity of Young’s depression.

Despite this tragic loss, we hope that Young’s death inspires others who are suffering from mental health issues to stop suffering in silence and shame and seek professional help before their problems spiral out of control. Hopefully, another life will be saved because of Young’s death.

Sadly, he’s not the only star to take his own life. Check out some other tragic celebrity suicides below. – nicholas robinson


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  1. Edisha on August 21, 2013 at 3:26 pm

    The caption under many of these pictures notates “depression” as a possible cause of their apparent suicides. Typically, when a person dreams of fame, their goal is to be happy. Yet from this article on celebrities committing suicide, It looks to be, from all the ‘Stars’ tapping out, the exact opposite.