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The worst MTV Video Music Awards hosts of all time


Hosting the MTV Video Music Awards is a daunting task. You’re free to be a lot more loose and crazy than you would be at the Grammys or American Music Awards, but you have got to be funny or hip. There is no debating this. The VMAs are the epitomize of youth culture cool, so if you can’t pull it off, you should go ahead and start prepping for Vegas shows and appearances on cruises.

VMA hosting has helped raise some stars’ profiles; like Arsenio Hall and Chris Rock–who both hosted the awards multiple times. Dennis Miller is another multiple year host. Along with Rock and Miller, a lot of hosts have been SNL alums:  Dana Carvey, Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd have all taken a crack and hosting one of the biggest’s nights in music.

But not all of these stars have been able to pull off hosting the MTV VMAs, so we decided to take a look at the ten worst hosts in the show’s history. No offense to these guys’ respective careers, but awards shows aren’t really their strong suit…

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