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Music » Elle Varner plans surprises for yacht performance

Elle Varner plans surprises for yacht performance


R&B star Elle Varner is changing her approach. The singer spoke to RO about her upcoming yacht performance for SOBs Summer Splash Concert Cruise series; and she revealed that she believes that this particular show will serve as an announcement that Varner is kick-starting the second phase of her still young career.

“The thing is I have been finishing up my second album and putting all of my time and energy into that,” she explains. “It’s been a minute since I’ve had a big show. I’ve graduated from using a DJ and tracks—now I have  a full band. This is my coming-out party. It’s gonna be sexy and fun. I’m just gonna do my thing, I have some special guests and it’s gonna be crazy.”

Varner believes that she has evolved as a performer, after she admittedly under-emphasized the importance of putting on a strong show earlier in her career.

“I think when I began as a performer, I was going up there and I was [just] singing my songs,” Varner says. “I know I’m a great singer and I sing great live. But it’s not enough to sing your songs and sound like you do on the album. Why would that be a great show? I watch older performers like Diana Ross and Etta James–even Beyonce. It’s so inspiring to see someone who has this magical stage presence. That’s been my focus. Taking the audience on a journey. It’s not just ‘Oh, I’m going to sing my album.’”

“I think that onstage, it’s not that I become somebody else, but I just get to express myself on a higher level,” adds the singer. “And it’s crazy because it’s a scary process sometimes. But the fear of it is also what’s the most invigorating part of being onstage. I get so excited when I think about sharing my gift onstage with people live, and just the experience between the audience and myself. That’s another thing that I focus on—how to relate to my audience. I go all over the country and around the world and it’s about bringing that piece of the artist or performer and connecting with the audience.”

SOB’s Summer Splash Concert Cruises featuring Elle Varner takes place on Friday, August 30th on the Luxury Infinity Yacht at Hudson River Parks