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Teens accused of killing toddler in Brunswick, Ga., never met before the shooting

demarquise elkins

The shooting death of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago is a case many can’t wrap their minds around. On March 21, 2013, while sitting in his stroller, baby Santiago was allegedly shot by De’Marquise Elkins, then 17, who attempted to rob the tot’s mother, Sherry West, who was also shot because she refused to give up her purse. This shooting and attempted robbery is reported to have taken place in broad daylight, a couple hours before Elkins reported to school. Elkins maintains his innocence. However, Dominique Lang, 15, his alleged accomplice – whom he never met prior to the shooting – has fingered him as the triggerman.

Dominique Lang at time of arrest in March of 2013

Dominique Lang at time of arrest in March of 2013. Does he resemble a Mexican to you?

During cross examination, Lang admitted under oath to lying more than a dozen times and changing his story. In the video below, Lang provides his account of how he and Elkins met for the first time. Lang says Elkins thought he was a Mexican. Hear the testimony for yourself.

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