Brunswick baby murder trial: Prosecution rests case after Sherry West testimony

DeMarquise Elkins
DeMarquise Elkins

MARIETTA, Ga. — The state of Georgia rested its case on Wednesday morning in the De’Marquise Elkins baby murder trial in Cobb County Superior Courthouse with Sherry West, the mother of the murdered infant, taking the stand for the second day to finish her brutal marathon cross-examination with defense attorney Kevin Gough.

West completed a five-hour cross-examination from Gough, who probed deeply into her turbulent and rollercoaster life prior to her alleged violent episode with Elkins, 18, and supposed accomplice, Dominique Lang, 15, on the historic South End section of Brunswick, Ga., a small coastal port town on the southeastern tip Georgia. Gough illuminated several inconsistencies in West’s testimony, including the fact that she misidentified the shooter as Dominique Lang on the first evening and that she contradicted herself or gave inconsistent testimony to police and the the media on the first days after the alleged murder.

The case was moved 325 miles away to suburban Atlanta because of the intense pretrial publicity in Brunswick.

The courtroom was lit up with prosecutorial objections to defense attorney Gough asking what was considered inflammatory questions of West, whose baby was shot in the face on March 21, 2013, allegedly by Elkins who shot the baby in retaliation for refusing to relinquish her purse to him.

Gough probed the fact that it was definitely possible that West slaughter her own child because:

  • Because West could have owed drug dealers money (the jury was not in the courtroom at the time of this question);
  • That West abused her older children, Ashley Glassey, 21, and the late Shaun Glassey, 18, who were eventually taken from her because of her inability to raise them sufficiently, and that she therefore abused Antonio;
  • Because West suffers from severe mental health issues and takes strong medication that have considerable side effects and also impaired her judgement on the day in question;
  • That she was in financial duress due to the fact that she subsist on social security and food stamps and does not drive and could use the insurance money that she took out on Antonio Santiago a year before his murder;

The defense has begun presenting their case as the trial moves into Wednesday afternoon.

Today, defense attorneys said they will show a 2-hour video of mother’s interview with police the day of the shooting.



Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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