Nintendo releasing 2DS in October


Nintendo has announced the release of another new gaming console: The Nintendo 2DS.

The Nintendo 2DS will play all of the Nintendo 3DS games and is compatible with the older Nintendo DS titles.

Everything else about the 2DS will be the same as the 3DS, including the stylus, the cameras that takes 3-D photos, software options such as Nintendo Shop and other features. The only difference is the 3-D viewing and the clamshell design.

The new system will release in blue/black and red/white models and the console will be available and cheaper than the existing 3DS at $130. The current price of the 3DS is $170. The 2DS release on the same day as the highly anticipated Nintendo game, Pokémon X & Y in the U.S. This will be just in time for the kids to add it to their Christmas list on October 12.

Don’t forget to grab one of these top selling Nintendo games to go with the new DS.

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