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Romeo survives horrific crash: ‘I walked out like Moses’


Romeo Miller was feeling very grateful this weekend. The star revealed that he had been involved in a very serious car crash–and he walked away largely unscathed. According to TMZ, Miller was spotted in Calabasas, where he talked about the ordeal.

“Blessed to be alive, to be honest, man. Fresh from the hospital,” said Miller. “You know I got into that car accident–I walked out like Moses, though. I walked out, real talk, basically just scratches on me.”

Miller didn’t go into detail regarding what happened specifically. However, he did reveal that he was struck on the passenger side at high speed. Photos surfaced that show that the vehicle’s airbags deployed on the driver and passenger sides.

“Honestly, I’m just happy to be here. To all my fans out there … I could’ve been gone. I got a collision, seventy miles-per-hour on my side of the car… Really put things in perspective,” Romeo said. “I was asleep. It was like movie.”

“Everybody out there, just be grateful, because you never know,” added Romeo. “I just made my twenty-fourth birthday, and I was about to be gone just a week later. I’m very grateful.”

Check out the video of Romeo discussing the ordeal…



Hit the click to see a photo of the car…

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  1. geminitwinworld on September 4, 2013 at 2:39 am

    wow romeo at least you didnt drive glad you came out ok i know your dad was pissed at the driver ro,gotta be careful and thank him that jesus was at the wheel!