10 most annoying people you encounter on Instagram


Instagram has become the social media app of choice for millions. However, it’s easy to gauge a user’s personality by how they post pictures on Instagram.

If you’re an avid user, it’s highly likely that you follow a few annoying people. Here are the 10 most annoying people you encounter on Instagram.


The thirst trapper 

The thirst trapper often posts pics of herself scantly clad and in a sexually charged position. However, she tries not to acknowledge her true intentions. For example, she will post a picture of herself only wearing panties, a bra and her butt in view of the camera. However, she deflects from her provocative pose with a caption that says, “Can’t wait to eat, I’m hungry.”

The Instagram gangsta 

The Instagram gangsta has something to prove. Most times, the Instagram Gangsta is seeking to develop street cred for their upcoming mixtape. So to prove their toughness, this person posts pics of themselves carrying guns, crack cocaine, syrup or Molly. It’s obviously an act because there aren’t many full-time street hustlers who would potentially indict themselves on social media.


The flaunter

The flaunter is also looking for approval. This person posts pictures of themselves with expensive cars, designer clothes or holding money. Similar to a female thirst trapper, the male flaunter is thirsty for likes and hoping to attract a female who would desire his possessions.

The Instagram model 

The Instagram model goes above and beyond when posting pictures. This person attempts to recreate scenes they saw on “America’s Next Top Model” with their iPhone and a cool filter. The Instagram model also has elements of being a thirst trapper. Instead of pursuing a legit modeling gig, the Instagram model is satisfied with gaining a slew of likes and possibly attracting a thirsty NBA player.


The selfie addict

There is nothing wrong with posting a selfie during a special occasion (date night, vacation, club night, etc). However, the selfie addict posts pictures of themselves during the morning, noon, evening and night. Your followers have a great idea of how you look and your vain personality trait.

The timeline flooder

This person just had, or is having a great time and wants to share the moment. But instead of using a pic stitch app to document their journey, this person feels the need to post 15 straight pictures. Yes, your followers were tired of seeing your pictures after the third straight post. Becoming a timeline flooder is a fast and sure way to lose followers on Instagram.

The #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) abuser

Thursdays can be the best and worst days to visit Instagram. At times, it can be amusing to see how your social media friends looked when they were in the first grade. But it gets annoying quickly when the #TBT abuser begins posting pics from their family’s entire photo album.


The meme abuser

This person never posts pictures of themselves. Instead, they tend to flood your timeline with memes about  jokes, relationships and sex. Some memes can be interesting, but it gets annoying when it’s done all day.

The false Instagram preacher 

Inspirational quotes on Instagram can be motivating and help others who may be experiencing a bad day. However, the false Instagram preacher posts inspiring messages on certain day, but they are ratchet and negative at other times. Sometimes the message can get lost when there is something sketchy about the messenger.

The Instagram loser 

The Instagram loser just doesn’t understand how to use the social media app. They posts boring pictures that their followers don’t care about (an egg sandwich they just made, pictures of their TV screen, a bowl of cereal, a blurry selfie). This person is probably an avid Facebook user who has yet to figure out how to interact on Instagram.

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