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Celebrity Twitter reactions to Peyton Manning’s 7 TD night for Denver Broncos

Peyton-ManningYou know you have transcendent talent and cache when superstar athletes of other sports watch the game because of you and endorse your skill set before the masses.

All-time great Peyton Manning’s bust for the Pro Football Hall of Fame was already sculpted before this year even started. But after yesterday’s utterly absurd 7-touchdown, 462-yard dismantling of the Baltimore Ravens defense on the opening day of the 2013 NFL season in Denver, replete with a 141-point passer rating, Manning entered into the elite plateau of pro athletes that only a select few gain entry.

The 49-27 beheading of the Ravens, orchestrated by the savant Manning, was succinctly summarized humorously by the following football fan:

Take a look at the celebrities and athletes whose jaws were on the floor after the Denver QB’s awe-inspiring performance: 

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