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Funniest Twitter responses to Vanilla Ice performing at halftime of NFL game

Vanilla-Ice-454718-1-402I know I was not the only one to almost drive headfirst in a tree after discovering that long-ago disgraced rapper Vanilla Ice began trending on Twitter.

Either the man had joined Al-Queda or committed an atrocity against humanity, you immediately think to yourself. How else in the name of high-top fades and spandex could the remains of old-school rapper Vanilla Ice be excavated from his career gravesite???

Turns out that Vanilla Ice, aka Robert Van Winkle, has been appointed to perform at halftime of the Houston Texans-Tennessee Titans NFL game on Sunday, Sept. 15. Whoever signed up Vanilla Ice should have that drink taken out of his hand and rushed to a psychiatric ward.

I mean, Vanilla Ice?!?

Turns out I was not alone in my befuddlement. Other social media users had their necks snapped back as well.