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Lil Mo says she and Kelly Price will never be friends again

Lil Mo & Kelly Price - Cover

The ladies of “R&B Divas LA” learned the hard way this season that friendships don’t mix. Few other divas suffered the consequences of that harsh lesson than Lil Mo, who saw her friendship with Kelly Price, the “villain” of the show, disintegrate over Price’s drama with cast. Although things seemed to be on the mend between the two at the recent reunion show, Mo is now claiming that she and Price will never be friends again.

In an interview with The FeedBack Live, Mo explained that, after all of the drama with Price on season one, she’s going to focus more on her for the next season of the show.

“If we do a season 2, I’mma do my part for the camera, but that BFF stuff and going to her house and her church…never again. I’m not doing that. I wasted too much gas money and too much of my personal time being a friend to be turn-coated on for something I had no control over,” Lil Mo’ said.

Mo also addressed Price and Dawn Robinson’s “Not Your Mama’s Monologues” and slammed the project, saying she’s glad she stuck with the Divalogues.

“I would have been a fool if I had quit to do the mess they did,” said Mo.

Although it seemed like Mo and Price hugged things out during the reunion, after Price told Mo that she loved her, Mo claims that Price quickly resumed giving her the silent treatment. Now, Mo claims that a friendship between the two is no longer an option.

“Ain’t heard from her since, but am I mad? Not at all,” said Mo. “I think that was rehearsed. I think she rehearsed everything she was going to say.”

“As a friend, I just don’t like the different faces that she gives. She has a representative. She has who she really is. She has who she wants to be,” she added. “I’m not giving nobody 490 forgives. You got one time to shade me and we’re through.”

Well, if Price decides to return to the show, which we doubt will happen, we expect a lot of cold shoulders, shady comments and confrontations between these two – just like every other reality TV friendship. Check out some other broken reality TV friendships below. – nicholas robinson

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