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Beyoncé on vacation

Beyonce on vacation pub page collage

Beyoncé takes a vacation and all gawk and look. Why are we preoccupied with everything she does? Vacations are important and should be taken. Blue Ivy and Jay Z sail across Italy and everyone seems preoccupied with invading their space. We feel the need to be more in touch with celebrities than we are with ourselves. We’re so obsessed by celebrity life that we start to lose who we are. We watch, envy, feel less than.

Pictures from their vacation give those who may not be able to go, or have not had the opportunity to visit Italy, a sneak peek from Cuba to Italy and every private moment in between. It seems as though Blue Ivy will not have the “privilege” that many other babies will. Cameras will always be in her face and she will not recognize a world without them.

There are so many other issues plaguing the African American community like scarce funding for HBCUs, STDs and obesity. If Beyoncé could attach her face to one of those causes, would it bring as much attention to the issues as being in Italy? Would hearing Blue Ivy’s voice make mothers want to read to their children?

I am not certain that peering causes a specific chain reaction to improving our lives. Does Beyoncé’s life encourage us to make better lives for ourselves or are we gawking aimlessly?

If there are things we can learn from Beyoncé, they are:
Practice your craft.
Surround yourself with like-minded individuals moving in a meaningful direction.
Make your hobbies make you money.