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Joseph Lowery’s wife, Evelyn, update on condition following stroke

evelyn loweryOn Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013, we reported Mrs. Evelyn Lowery, 88, the wife of beloved civil rights leader Joseph E. Lowery, was reportedly rushed to the hospital after suffering a stroke. Today, Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013, the Lowery family has issued a statement:

Statement from the Lowery Family on the Condition of Mrs. Evelyn Lowery

“After many consultations with top medical experts, the Lowery family is saddened to learn that the stroke suffered by our beloved Evelyn has caused irreversible damage. As a family of faith, we remain by her side in constant prayer, knowing that God is in control, while also fully understanding her medical condition and that the team of experts have done all that they can do. Though she remains in critical condition, we are blessed that she is still with us. We have been touched by the outpouring of expressions of love and support from across the country and we ask for the community’s continued prayers at this very difficult time,” said the Reverend Joseph. E. Lowery.

Evelyn Lowery, founder of SCLC Women, the sister organization of The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and the wife of civil rights activist Rev. Joseph E. Lowery, has been in critical condition since suffering a massive stroke on the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 18 in Atlanta. Since that time, she has been under the constant care of medical experts at a local hospital.

Joseph Lowery’s wife, Evelyn, rushed to hospital after suffering stroke