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The 1st Indian Miss America meets the 1st black Miss America, Vanessa Williams

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Miss America Nina Davuluri meets Vanessa Williams

A barrier breaking pageant queen recently met her history making predecessor. Miss America Nina Daviluri met Vanessa Williams this week after a performance in Broadway’s The Trip to Bountiful.

Their meeting marked the first time Davuluri, the first Indian American Miss America, chatted with Vanessa Williams, the first African American Miss America. The ladies, who both won the title of Miss Syracuse and Miss New York before becoming Miss America, took to social media this week to share their encounter with fans.

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Williams then shared a photo on Instagram of their encounter. She later reportered that she told Davuluri that she could “call her anytime” to talk and said she empathized with the queen who’s currently experiencing racist backlash.

“I was 20 at the time,” said Williams, “and I was getting death threats. I hope she doesn’t have to deal with the fear that I had to. I told her the backlash is because you have ridiculous ignorant people who just love to dwell in negativity and name calling.”

Check out Vanessa Williams and Nina Davuluri below. -danielle canada

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