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Forever 21 receives backlash for N.W.A. T-shirt featuring a white model

NWA Forever 21Some socially- and fashion-conscious Twitter users took fashion retailer Forever 21 to task for launching a “Niggaz With Attitude” product line and social media campaign intended to pay homage to the rap group N.W.A., citing “cultural appropriation.”

“This was unacceptable to me for obvious reasons. What ever one’s feeling is about the ‘N’ word, I believe strongly with limited information and having a white brand sell T-Shirts promoting it is dangerous  – with a white model wearing the merchandise, particularly to a generation who is not familiar with N.W.A’s story,” offers Angela Mack.

Compton Forever 21

The retailer tweeted this picture of three white models posing in T-shirts of hip-hop artists Ice Cube and N.W.A and the text: “New arrivals… straight outta Compton” and the and the digital protest was underway.

Following the protest this weekend, Anne, the director of advertising has agreed the company will pull the campaign and has assured the merchandise will no longer be for sale.


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  1. Notya Biznes on September 24, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    dang! I grew up on NWA and would love to own one of the t-shirts… but I agree with Angela’s sentiment as well.