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Gay rapper Big Freedia hosting record-breaking twerk party

Big Freedia - Cover

Thanks to Miley Cyrus, twerking has now gone from being just a popular hip-hop dance to becoming a national mainstream phenomenon. And although everyone’s talking about pop stars and their (lack of) twerk skills, twerking is about to get another major boost from one of the dance’s most tried-and-true fans, openly gay rapper Big Freedia, who plans to host the world’s largest twerk party tomorrow.

According to FUSE, the home to Freedia’s upcoming reality show “Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce,” Freedia hopes to set The Guinness World Record for Most People Twerking Simultaneously with a performance at New York’s Herald Square on Sixth Avenue and 34th Street at noon on Wednesday, Sept. 25.

According to NewNowNext, Freedia will perform a brief set, performing songs like fan favorite “Excuse” and the new single “Duffy” off of his upcoming Queen of Bounce EP.

As the EP’s title implies, Freedia has been a staple of New Orleans’ growing bounce music scene alongside fellow bounce artists like Katy Red and Nicky Da B, who scored a hit last year with the Diplo-assisted “Express Yourself.”

In August, Freedia made headlines when he criticized Cyrus’ twerking at the MTV VMAs.

“For one thing, we have a dance in bounce music called ‘exercising’ where you just open your legs and shake your butt a little bit from side to side. It was that part she did in front of Robin Thicke, but she still didn’t even get that right because she didn’t have any butt control. She needs more practice,” Freedia said.

Well, it looks like Freedia is going to get a chance to show the whole world what twerking and bouncing are really about tomorrow.

Check out a list of other famous twerkers below. –nicholas robinson


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