LeBron James and Savannah finishing up vacation in Venice, Italy


LeBron is not only living the life of a “king,” traversing the European continent with carefree assurance, he has allowed millions of his admirers to live vicariously through him and Savannah since most have never visited Italy.

As King James and his bride finish up the last leg of their Italian vacation, the pair is taking us with them as they survey the magnificent ancient ruins of Rome and then trot over to the artistic hotbed and dreamy beaches of Venice.

Well, he has to come home sometime. The beginning of the NFL season and the Major League Baseball playoffs are upon us, which means that training camp of the NBA is right around the corner.

For James, it has been a dream couple of weeks since he married his high school sweetheart in San Diego and then rolled into southern Europe. Look at how he’s living, beginning with this proclamation about the above photo:

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