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‘Single Ladies’ stars LisaRaye and Charity Shea beefing on social media


Here’s a real shocker for you: LisaRaye is verbal sword-fighting with a fellow “Single Ladies” cast member.

I know that bit of news blew your wig back. We’ll pause here for you to compose yourself.

Yep, LisaRaye is at it again, this time with fellow cast member Charity Shea because Shea — oops! — forgot to include Ms. McCoy on the Instagram posting that thanked everyone associated with the new season … everyone except LisaRaye, that is.

LisaRaye immediately reminded Shea that she is a boss and that it was quite infantile to not include her on the final thank-you list.

Remember that LisaRaye and former “Single Ladies” cast member Stacey Dash had a few small dust-ups, which was a contributing factor in her abrupt exit from the show. Now LisaRaye and Shea obviously have some things they need to iron out prior to the premiere of the new season, due to air early next year. Or not.

Perhaps the brewing drama behind the scenes will fuel additional interest in the popular scripted show. In the meantime, take a look at the catty beef between the two below and how LisaRaye shuts it down.

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  1. vera on September 25, 2013 at 8:28 pm

    i love both of them on the show. Lisa, however, is the biggest star, especially when she is with that real choc sexy guy