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Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery’s wife, Evelyn, goes home from hospital after massive stroke

EvelynLoweryColor.jpg.w180h252The family of Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery and his wife, Evelyn, 88, announced that Mrs. Lowery has been released from the hospital after suffering a massive stroke.

Here’s a recent statement from the Lowery Family

After receiving notification by medical experts of the irreversible damage caused by the massive stroke that our dear wife and mother experienced on last Wednesday evening, and understanding that the medical team has done all that they could do, the Lowery family has prayerfully made a decision to release her from the hospital and return her to the comforts of her home.

“We continue to feel blessed that she is still with us and doctors have informed us that her condition remains critical,” stated Cheryl Lowery, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Lowery and the executive director of the Lowery Institute for Justice and Human Rights at Clark Atlanta University. “We have been assured that all has been medically done, and in consultation with the medical experts know that what’s best for our mother is to live the remaining days of her life at home surrounded by her family and husband of 67 years. We have been deeply touched by the continuous outpourings of love, support and prayers that have come from across the country, and ask that you continue to keep us in prayer as we move through the days ahead.”

The Lowery’s were married May 5, 1946.